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Quick Bio: PhD in computational chemistry, MSc in physics (major in computer physics), MSc in mathematics (major in computer science) and undergraduate education in sociology from the Nicholas Copernicus University in Torun (Copernicus was born in Torun in 1473), Poland. As a postdoc, I had been working in the fields of computational chemistry (Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France), computational biology (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel), electronic structure of large biomolecules (Kyoto University, Japan) and bioinformatics (Cornell University, Ithaca, USA). In recent years, my major fields of interest have been protein structure prediction, functional gene annotations, machine learning and data mining in genomics and clinical research. I currently hold the position of an Associate Professor in the Depts. of Environmental Health and Biomedical Engineering, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and in the Division of Biomedical Informatics, Children's Hospital Research Foundation.

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