Protein-protein interactions

        Replication protein A interacts with many important proteins during its role in replication, repair and recombination.
Below is a list of such proteins. By clicking on each protein you will obtain information about the sites of interaction on the proteins, the sequence of each protein , the known tertiary structures and references. For proteins with unknown structures, we have provided predicted secondary structures from our SABLE server. Important references are accompanied by crisp details. Links to Pubmed, NCBI databases and PDB have been provided generously.

We have tried to cover all literature available to date for each protein. We hope to keep the pages up to date. Please feel free to send comments/submissions.

       1. XPA - eXcision Protein A (shares some homology with UNG1, UNG2). [RPA+XPA@PubMed; Last covered PMID:12949838]

       2. RAD52 - DNA repair protein. [RPA+RAD52@PubMed; Last covered PMID:14749735]

       3. p53 - Tumor suppressor protein. [RPA+p53@PubMed; Last covered PMID:15204703]

       4. cdc2 - Cell division cycle 2 - a protein kinase (also called cdk1). [RPA+cdc2@PubMed; Last covered PMID:15220931]

       5. DNA-PK - protein kinase. [RPA+DNA-PK@PubMed; Last covered PMID:14872059]